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Landscape Design Philosophy

A well thought out landscape design will enable you to have the deeply satisfying opportunity to create an outdoor area that meets your personal needs and is better for the environment. 
Our goal is to guide you through the design process, helping you form your ideas and visions into a functional design plan.
We see your outdoor environment as an extension of your indoor living space. Our approach will allow you to use new innovative environmentally friendly techniques in the installation process as well as maintenance in the future. With our expertise, based on over 20 years of experience and a European education, we can serve you with professional landscape design services wherever you are. 

Landscape Designer

Viktorie Hladik’s interest in landscape design sprouted in her early years. She drew her inspiration from her mother, a horticulturist, and father, a house designer. They taught her the art of understanding nature’s principles and with this knowledge she has learned how to apply her ideas aesthetically for a variety of outdoor environments.

After completing Horticultural College in the Czech Republic, she gained experience working in the gardens at both Castle Kratochvile and The City Gallery in Prague. Participating in reclamation of these historic gardens enriched her vision of landscape design. After working for a period of time in Germany, she arrived in Canada, opened up her own company and began her involvement in landscape contracting. Over 20 years in the landscaping business has given her an in-depth understanding of customers’ needs and, most importantly, plenty of experience in designing, installing and maintaining gardens. Education and years of experience have solidified Viktorie’s design ideas into workable, realistic plans. She remains committed to sharing her knowledge with customers and providing them with the information they need to be co-creators of functional and pleasing landscape.