Before you create a new garden, you need to take care of the drainage. Water is an amazing element and changing its natural patterns can cause lots of future trouble.  

Grading the land in a two percent slope away from the house will help to keep the foundation dry.  Any retaining wall you build has to handle the moisture that will build up behind it.  A weeping tile placed in drain rock and wrapped in a filter cloth directed away from any structures is an appropriate addition to any retaining wall. It needs to be installed at the foot of the wall. All pathways, steps and patios have to be sloped one percent to keep them water and ice free. As well, a one percent slope on newly installed lawns will help keep lawns puddle free. On the other hand, keeping slopes less than ten percent will make it safe to mow. 

Considering those basic rules will save you money by making your newly installed landscape long lasting.

The specialists of Bloom Garden Design are committed to helping you create environmentally responsible landscapes.